In our technical roadmap, we outline the required minimum to launch Communa as a product and generate revenue through a 5% fee on freelancer income. The platform operates within a framework where freelancers are paid on a weekly basis.

    Here is the workflow:

    1. Freelancers and clients connect on the website -
    2. Clients publish job listings and assign them to freelancers.
    3. Freelancers select the assigned job on our TimeTracker and log their unconfirmed working hours.
    4. Clients review and confirm the freelancer's work using our smart contract system.
    5. Freelancers receive payment after deducting a 5% commission.
    6. The paid hours are securely stored on the blockchain, contributing to the freelancer's reputation.
    7. Communa retains a 5% commission from the freelancer's income.

    This workflow relies on a website that gives access to job publishing, freelance search, timesheets, and reports; a time tracker desktop app to track automatically time spent while working; and smart contracts for instant payment processing of stable coins like USDT.


    The website facilitates smooth communication between clients and freelancers, allowing clients to post jobs, verify work logs and process payments.

    Time Tracker

    Once a freelancer is assigned to a job, a corresponding project becomes available in our desktop application enabling a freelancer to log hours.

    Smart Contracts

    In the final stage of the process, we facilitate the seamless transfer of crypto payments for the tracked hours with our smart contract and increase the reputation of a freelancer.

    Business Inquiries